My TOP 5 - Travelling with a baby! NINO & VIV

My TOP 5 - Travelling with a baby!

Hey mamas! 

Ok so if you follow me on Instagram @ninoandviv, a few of you messaged me wanting to know how hubby and I survived our first road trip with Anthony, so here is my TOP 5 MUST!

First we went with one of hubby’s daughters so girl talk was fun and hubby had a co pilot in the front with him and baby Anthony well,,, he’s 7 months old and he was such a CHAMP 🥲 even though he’s full blown teething (yup there another tooth or 2 that may come out soon) 

I was in the backseat with him, so it helped ALOT! 

  1. Ice pack and TEETHERS! I brought a few with teethers  for the trip and I kept them next to an ice pack, so they’d stay cool for the car ride. Accessible in his diaper bag.
  1. 1. NOT promoting TV time, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I have the TV on for about 2 hours during the day so I can get cleaning ect done so….  I had the Disney+ app on my phone and set up the library with his 3 fave shows (he loves the into songs and then goes back to playing 😂) had to open it twice when he got fussy, lasted for 5 min and he calmed down or dosed off (win win 🙌) 
    2.2 TOYS! Small toys, I took the ones from his play gym. All you need is 2-3. They are small enough to fit in his diaper bag and will keep your babe busy in between napping.
  1. Our trip was 4.5hrs in the car NOTE babies can not sit in the car seat for more than 2hours. So we stopped twice, once at the border and again for lunch both 30 min breaks, so that he can stretch, feed/snack, change diaper ect.. 
  1. Change of clothes and a swaddle blanket - incase of you know blow out (#iykyk 🫣) or spit up (I’m that mom, I hate when his tops get dirty with spit up, so I change him) 
    He doesn’t like to be swaddled anymore but it helps to throw it over the car seat to block the sun from getting on him, or just to keep him warm from the AC. 
  1. Magazines and a book for me! Yes ME! We have to keep ourselves entertained too, especially if you’re in the backseat with your babe. 


This was our FIRST but definitely not the last trip we’ll be taking this summer so, did I miss anything?? 

Comment below, What are your TOP 5 MUSTS?

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