The Benefits Of A Teether NINO & VIV

The Benefits Of A Teether

As a first time mom, I went through the overwhelmed on what to buy, do I really need it phase and honestly there is SO MUCH out there and the lists may seem endless but when it came to Anthony’s first signs of teething (he was an early bird at 3 months) I knew I needed to get him some.

Here are my Top 5 reasons why!

1. Teethers are toys!
What is better than a 2 in 1 (win win for everyone, especially if you live in an apartment, like us where space is limited) Baby can put into their mouth when new teeth are developing. It is true; babies do get some comfort and relief by chewing on toys, like teethers, when their teeth are growing in.

2. Baby teethers help soothe babies swollen gums when they start teething. Babies tend to get more fussy when teething, so tender gums might feel better when light pressure is applied.

3. They will pretty much. 99.9999% try to put anything and everything, they can get their hands on (some can be dangerous) into their mouths at an early age. So getting them used to a teether, really helps. Silicone teethers are my preferred, but choose what works for you🤗

4. Encourages the baby to move their tongue inside their mouth. It helps them become aware of their mouth and strengthen facial muscles, as well as help them get out those first words, like “Ma”😉

5. Babies can start using teethers as early as 3 months, even if you aren’t sure if they are teething, it can start as a toy for gripping (getting those motor skills going) and your baby will begin to gnaw on it when they realize it soothes their gums.

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