How do I swaddle my baby? NINO & VIV

How do I swaddle my baby?

This was a daunting task for me as a first time mama, but as soon as I got the hang of it; mind you it took a few tries and then finally gave up and ask the nurse to show me (lol me and my stubbornness)… hours after my little bean was born, it was a breeze. 

So I decided to break it down in 5 easy steps…..
Here we go!!!
1: Fold the swaddle into a diamond shape.
2. Lay baby face-up with his or her head over the folded down corner. 
3.Wrap the right corner over baby and tuck it under his or her left side. 
Fold the bottom corner up over the feet
4.Wrap the left corner over baby and tuck under the right side.
5. Check that the swaddle isn’t too tight, and your baby’s legs can move freely.
Not so complicated right!!

Let see how you swaddle! Tag us @ninoandviv 
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